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supermangrandic's Journal

Superman Grand Icontest
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Welcome to the Superman Grand Icontest! The basis for this community came from disney_rumble and tweaked from hp_grand_test, and the whole idea is to create an extended competition, much like a LIMS (last icon maker standing), but without an elimination at the end of each challenge. Rather than a bad week getting you kicked off, you never feeling a sense of accomplishment because you can't get first...come and play here, where the accumulative score is all that matters.

Are you interested? Then read on, my friend!


    1. Please get your icons in on time. I'm going to make sure you have plenty of notice so that this will be as easy as possible with all of our busy lives. Getting your icons in on time makes it easier on me so I can get things moving and get the voting and then the results up asap! :)

    2. We will have 10 rounds in total and each participant should plan to crank out 8 icons by the end of the round. You are of course welcome to submit all 10 rounds if you like, but once you hit 8 we'll stop scoring.

    3. Every challenge we will have a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winner along with mods choice! (For bribes please send your checks too...) Since this is a contest by definition we will award points for each win as well as each mod choice

    1st Place - 5 points
    2nd Place - 3 points
    3rd Place - 2 points
    Mod Choice - 1 point

    4. You icon must be 100x100; 40kb or smaller. No animations unless mentioned.

    5. Please don't post your icon anywhere else until the votes are in an all has been revealed. You are loved and you are awesome and people will vote for you if they know it is yours. So go ninja just until the icons and their makers are unveiled, mmkay pumkin?

    6. If you need a place to host an icon, try PhotoBucket, TinyPic, or ImageShack. But I'll also be hosting them so the identities remain hidden...as we have already established, people will vote for you because you're awesome :)

    7. If you wanna play, reply to this entry and thou shalt be added! Just let me know which journal you'll be using and we'll be set! Once we have 15 people playing we'll stop there and the games will begin!

    * Once you sign up, have a look at the pimping post. There will be some extra pimpage oppurtunities this go round!

    * Having fun will be strictly enforced ;)

    * Just so I know ya read the rules, would you give me your favorite Superman actor? Yeh. I know. I'm crafty.

    -blows kisses-

    **There will also be two bonus rounds at end of the round including a banner contest to spruce up the community's look as well as a 'set of 5' round for those of you who can't get enough photoshopping!

Well, still think you're up for it? Then apply for Round 2 here!

Moderator: brdwaybebe

Creators: katshakespeare and starrylites


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